The secret place of success

Is there an easy way to greatness? What’s Usain Bolt’s secret to his success? Or Warren Buffet’s’ ? Elon Musk’s? 

Have you ever wondered how these people got to where they are right now? There must be some kind of  a formula or something right? I used to wonder about that too. So I began reading ,watching  and dissecting  interviews of them. 

In a video I have recently watched about Usain Bolt, he highlighted the importance of his training behind the scenes. He said that what he does in the Olympics is just a glimpse of what he does in secret! 

Also, Warren Buffet and Elon Musk.. they have this “behind the scenes” that catapulted them to their current success.. and that is – Reading.. 

Even  T.D Jakes, one of my favorite preachers, in all his achievements are credited to what he does when he is all alone; studying and practicing while his friends were out playing. 

I have realized 3 key elements that determine one’s success in whatever endeavor he or she is in. And in which I also have found out to be true myself. Here they are: 

  1. What you do in secret is rewarded in public 

With Cornerstone Mission team 

Before a virtuoso performs, guess what, he has practiced for more than 10,000 hours! Prior to the Beatles’ success, they had already been playing a lot longer more than they had played during their reign! Let’s go to sports, Ray Allen, one of the best shooters in the NBA history.. comes to the court hours before the game to shoot 3s with the lights off! Wew! Imagine! What about in the Bible? Before David slayed Goliath, he had a “simulation” game by killing a lion and bear! And you think David was just a puny prey… 

2. Delayed gratification  


Dozing off at practice 

Our day and age have evolved into the “Now” mentality. I want to get rich- “Now” I want to be lean and muscular -“Now” I want to get promoted -“Now”  I want this and that “Now”  Even in marriage and having kids! Boy, I wish nobody is thinking of grandchildren right after having their kids! 

Most successful people I have observed have this unconventional mentality; Study now play later.. Pay the price now, enjoy later.. which most of us had it reversed. 

Learning to play the guitar made me realized this.It took half of my high school days just to learn it. I had to shun parties and ball games! Imagine what that means for a growing teenager! Some of you may play it down, but it meant a lot to me. Yet , I had this insatiable desire to be a guitar player at our local church. It was painful and frustrating at the beginning. But it surely did pay off in the long run.. I was not only able to play at our local church but also in other churches nationally and eventually at our university! Even during mission trips when I joined with some NGOs back then. 

3. You can not be secretly great.  


With Asia Pacific Theological Seminary Mission Team 

Eventually, greatness will have its way.. Darkness can never hide a bursting light.. Throughout history, great people can not be hidden.. no matter how long it may take.. I recently have watched “The Imitation Game” I learned about Allan Turing. (Start Googling my friend ) … Back in College, I took up a course in computer. We learned the history and the mechanics behind a desktop computer. However, I never heard (I probably was sleeping in class, don’t judge me! ) of someone named Allan Turing! Why? Well, I found out by watching that movie that even history tried to hide his existence ! 

The height of your success is determined by how low you’ve been in secret.No matter how you define success, it will always boil down to what you do when nobody is watching. 



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A citizen of a far away Kingdom sent here as an ambassador with a mission to influence the domain of Education.

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