Are you one of us?

Have you ever felt the unquenchable thirst for wanting more? 

Like wanting more chicken wings and potato salad? Ordering extra large French fries and diet coke?! 

What about more games?  More PokemonGo-time? More Warcraft or Starcraft or MineCraft and all the other piece of Crafts! 

In fashion? Like wanting more of micro-mini skirts and you feel like you are in short of extra short-shorts? 

Whatever the case is. I believe that every human being including me crave for more from something or from someone. 

More money. More time. 

I’ve recently found out by reflecting over my life for the past 20 years that there’s always more to life than what we are having . Irrelevant to whether you are satisfied or dissatisfied in your present situation, there’s always something more to look forward to. 

When Christopher Columbus stumbled upon the Americas in 1492, Spain thought that there’s no more land beyond their west borders; “Ne Plus Ultra” that was they use to say. It means ” no more beyond ” in Latin. 

I pondered where would we be and what would have happened if they had settled for what they knew was the only place on earth to be. 

Yet again, all the discoveries and inventions we have known since the beginning were ignited by this desire that enamored  everyone who dare. 

The question then is, what does it take to get more? 

Take it from the words of the great motivational speaker Jim Rohn ,”If you want more, you have to be more.” 

And that is exactly what had happened in my life. 

Despite having raised in obscurity and homelessness and being born a Filipino entails so many hurdles for many. Like we need visas when we travel to some countries and several stereotypical ideas about us. In addition , the profession of a teacher isn’t the course to take if you wanted to get rich. 

And so they thought, believe and did so. 

Well, I had the choice to make, either I listen to the noise outside or respond to  call within me-the desire to become more. To rewrite my life story and live a life that is totally mine to decide upon. 

So for many years, I have devoted myself to study and practice. While my friends were having a good time at the weekends, I was in my apartment reading. Learning from successful people. Watching motivational videos and so on. I had sacrificed my weekends to gain more knowledge and skills. 

Of course, some people pity me because I had no social life. 

They were kinda of right, indeed sparrows fly with other sparrows. Unlike the eagles who prefer flying by themselves. 

I’ve learnt that in every achievement, there’s a price to pay. 

It is always up to us whether to bet on it  and take the plunge or back off and settle for mediocrity. 

I have talked to some people who have settled believing that they have reached their ne plus ultra already. Although, I can’t blame them for that. Who doesn’t like security and stability? Isn’t having a good job,a nice family, reliable friends and enough money to retire more than enough? 

If you are one of them, I apologize for having wasted your time reading this. But this proposition is for the hungry. For the people who crave for a higher and more quality life. For the radicals who dare challenge the status quo. 

Are you one of us? 

Published by Isshin Kobayashi

A citizen of a far away Kingdom sent here as an ambassador with a mission to influence the domain of Education.

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