Do it again

About 15 years ago, a desperate 17 year old lad wanted to escape his country in exchange for a greener pasture in foreign a land. He was disgusted , exhausted and vexed over his country which seem to have lost its identity due to colonialism. One may not blame him though, since he was raised in obscurity in a very dysfunctional community; drugs, crimes and poverty were pillaging the lives of people. 

Nonetheless, a rather odd event completely changed his life ( probably the planets were aligned back then) for good. A missionary from a foreign land showed up as a “knight in shining armor!” Immediately this young man grabbed the opportunity and opted out of his country. 

Driven by selfish ambition, he hammered his way to liberty. 

It was excruciating and despairing like riding to  war but not to victory thingy. He was a year shy to be allowed to travel all by himself since his country forbids minors travelling unaccompanied. Yet, tenacious enough, he pushed through but in the end, it was all in vain. He was denied and left broke. Adding insult to injury, he lost the trust of the missionary along with his “parent-like” relationship with her. 

For years, he lived in the memories of this past defeat. He was even scared of even trying to renew his passport after it expired. He flinched at the thought of travelling and meeting with foreigners. 

Yet life has it’s own reasons why things happen. Despite running away from the past, he ended up working with people from the same country as that of the missionary’s. Rubbing it in, he also had to live with foreign missionaries who happened to have similar countenances as that of the missionary’s whom he first met! 

Those coincidences haunted  the young man who is now in his 30’s and enjoying his (stable?) life.  Surrounded by good friends, a good paying job, and a school life where he acted as if he were still 17! 

However, Destiny has its tricks under its sleeves. Little did this man know that he was just being molded throughout the years just as gold passes through refinement so is his life  underwent crises for his character to be ready for the good things which lies ahead. 

Finally, another odd opportunity comes along. An invitation to work abroad in a country where it’s almost impossible for him to get into and most of the people in his country. And the job was even out of his league! 

So he thought that it was only a joke but later  he found out that the employer was as serious as dead serious. So he playfully answered him with a “yes, why not” careless response .. Little did he know that the other guy took it seriously and began the process of his papers! Well, when he found out about it, he was appalled and didn’t know what to do..  He was reluctant to leave behind everything- his comfort zone and besides he was already satisfied with what he had and he loved his country and its people already. In fact, he dreamed of launching a ministry that would help his fellow country men especially those who were homeless and orphaned. 

But it was the right time, of course, he didn’t know it was the right the time.. Until he did and processed his trip all over again. 

He did it again. But this time, he was more ready and his attitude towards his nation has dramatically changed. In the end, he finally flew and started working in a land rich with opportunities he never knew existed. 

I would have told more of my story but I realized that this was not an autobiography. 

But ,what about you? 

Have you ever dared doing again the things you once failed doing ? 

Did the thought of failing cringe you? 

Did the past failures choke-held you? 

I have. 

But I’m also here to tell you that it’s worth it. 

It’s too early to throw in the towel. I could tell you some famous personalities who refused to give up despite of failings but their challenges may not be the same as yours and mine but one thing is really common for all of us.. Choice.. Yes.. You have it too.. Either you live in the past and die regretting or shatter glass ceilings of confinement and failures to reach for your dreams.. 

Before I end.. I would like to share a rather small story about my gym application recently. 

About a month ago, I went to a nearby gym to register but I was turned down because I needed first to speak their language since they needed to explain some house rules and some  payment terms. 

…I left frustrated and annoyed. 

I could have asked a friend to help and translate for me but I didn’t want to bother somebody else for such matter. 

Now, another “blue moon” moment again as I was passing by the gym, I suddenly had that feeling again.. The “Do it again” feeling. Yeah, the same voice I heard before.  And there I was hoping I wont see the same staff who rejected me once and luckily a wish came true! ( Well, actually I couldn’t remember her face anymore since the last time I saw her so I wasn’t so sure if it was her or not, Ha!) . After an hour and half of explanations, mostly in their language, ( Thank God for Google translate!) I finally got registered! Now I have more reasons to go to the gym since I went through such tumultuous endeavor just to get its membership! 

Gasp! So…. 

Would you dare do it again? 

This time you might finally pass the exam. 

Win her heart. Get the job. Succeed in business. 

This time your life may not be the only one to change but others as well. 

So Why not do it again? 

Published by Isshin Kobayashi

A citizen of a far away Kingdom sent here as an ambassador with a mission to influence the domain of Education.

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